2 Essential, Newly-Published Books for Investors and Students and how to get one of them for FREE.

About The Author


My name is Danial Jiwani, and I will be a high school senior this year. Although I have not decided which college I want to go to, I know I want to pursue the business field. I have recently published my second book, The Beginner Investor, which teaches new and professional investors the fundamentals of investing. My first book, Surviving AP Econ: Microeconomics, teaches high school students all the concepts that they need to know to easily pass the Advanced Placement Microeconomics test.

About The Beginner Investor

The Beginner Investor: A Beginner’s Guide To Stock Market Investing teaches new investors the fundamentals of a value investing strategy where investors “buy low and sell high” while mitigating risk and maximizing returns. At the beginning of the book, readers learn about the basics of stocks in order to understand the importance of investing, and the book explains what it means to own a stock. Then, readers learn how to find the perfect company and the perfect price to pay to invest in the business. Next, the book shares 3 commonly-made mistakes that are detrimental to an investor’s portfolio. Finally, investors learn how to determine the exact time to sell a stock in order to claim their gains. The Beginner Investor must be read by all new and professional stock market investors so that they can make money.

If you are ready to make money and learn about stocks, you can click here to obtain a copy today for $10.

Surviving A.P. Econ: Microeconomics

Surviving Ap Econ was written as a crash course to help students study for their AP Microeconomics tests and final. It simply covers everything a student needs to know in order to get an A+ in the class, and a 5 on the AP Exam. It has worked for me, and many other students have scored well on the AP test because of my book. It has worked for all its readers, and it continues to help new economics students perform well in the class.

If you know someone enrolled in AP Microeconomics, you help them by clicking here to purchase the book for them.

How To Get Your FREE COPY

For a limited time, I am giving away 50 free ebooks of The Beginner Investor to people who agree to write an honest review for the book on Amazon. Please be aware that Amazon requires you to have spent $50 on Amazon before being eligible to write a review. If you are interested in receiving 1 of 50 free copies in exchange for writing a review, please email me at Jiwanid@gmail.com so that I can send you the ebook.

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